The Ultimate Guide to Buying The Best E Juice Flavors of 2015

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The rise of e-cigarettes has caused an increase in demand in terms of ejuice flavor. VistaVapors has just the answer to that. It offers over 150 different ejuice flavors for a starting price of $4.99 per 17ml! VistaVapors is currently the USA’s most affordable and best ejuice, one that can be combined in over 2 million different ways.

The selection of ejuice flavors are vast, starting from mint, fruit, drinks, and dessert to candy, the choices are endless! Some of the best ejuice include:

Fruit Flavors


The banana flavor is said to be one of the best ejuice flavor because it is known to be the best ejuice for beginners. For those that have just begun vaping, this is the best ejuice, as it is a very light and smooth flavor, one that has the silkiness of banana pudding, and slides down one’s throat with ease. If someone wants to experiment a little, mix this with the whip cream ejuice flavor for a creamier, vaporizing dessert! Best for anyone that craves a puff after dinner, you can mix the strength and blend according to your taste, and also, you can experiment with many different ejuice flavor combinations for a delightful experience.

Blue Raspberry

Berries are amazing no matter, and they are also best choices to be mixed with other fruit ejuice flavors, such as banana, apple, or grape for an absolute fruity taste. The blue raspberry has a delightfully sweet and sour combination, one which is sour on the intake and sweet while exhaling, making this one the best flavors out there. This is a unique ejuice flavor, one that is naturally strong and hardly requires a boost. Its rich flavor will have one asking for more, and that hardly comes as no surprise. The next time you need a dose of blue raspberries, this will hardly dissatisfy you, with the plus side being that you won’t get a blue tongue.


This relaxing ejuice flavor bursts in your mouth while vaping. It has a breezy, tangy taste that is refreshingly smooth, something that will automatically remind you of tropical islands and beaches. The coconut flavor is almost like a vacation in your pocket, one that you can enjoy at any time and unwind without having to move an inch. The taste of the islands is in full force in this ejuice flavor, and if you want to experience it, vaping the coconut flavor is the answer. It is a unique, fresh, and adventurous ejuice flavor, which is what makes this one of the best eliquid flavors.

Green Apple Orchard

This is a bold flavor that is appropriate for any time of the day. Carry it with you anywhere and have it at any time, this is perfect for any occasion. The slightly sour, crispy, and tart-like taste is what makes people want more; and if you like the taste of apples, don’t miss the chance to try out the green apple orchard, as it tastes exactly like freshly-picked green apples with notes of honey, freshly-cut grass, and plum. That is more than enough to make anyone’s mouth water, but if that is not enough for you, you can also try mixing it up with other ejuice flavors and try to find the taste that would suit you best. No matter what you decide to do at the end, whether you try it on its own or mix it with other ejuice flavors, the green apple orchard is one of best flavors, and that is something that will never change.

Kiwi Watermelon

This is a total treat, as you get to experience both the refreshing flavors of kiwi and watermelon at the same time, making this one of the best e liquid flavors out there. This will enhance your total vaping experience, and this will be a flavor that you will never regret trying. Enjoy the sensation of a cool summer day everyday with this ejuice flavor. This is especially for those that have been looking for a special fruity flavor to satisfy their taste buds, as the flavor will hit your taste buds in ways that will have you wanting for more. Change the strength of the ejuice flavor according to your taste and enjoy a cool and refreshing experience like never before.

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If you want to try something that will instantly wake you up and refresh you, the lime flavor might be exactly what your taste buds are looking for. This sour flavor can be enjoyed on its own any day, but if you want something to accompany it, you can always mix it with other ejuice flavors, such as tequila or rum, and you can also have it with the margarita and mojito e-liquid flavors if you would like a tangy flavor to go with your drinks. No matter how you would prefer to have it, it won’t let you down, which is exactly what makes this one of the best flavors.


Want to go on a tropical vacation? The taste of pineapple might just do the trick. This ejuice flavor is just as sweet as any pineapple in any tropical island would have been, so no, you’re not missing out on much. Get rid of all that stress and unwind with this delicious sweetness. This will refresh and energize you, clearing your mind and allowing you to have that well-deserved rest for a while. It tastes exactly like pineapple, and if you still insist on going on a tropical adventure, you can always try mixing it with coconut, mint, or lime for a more tropical feel. This is one ejuice flavor that will take you on an adventure no matter what you try it with.


This delicious summer fruit is the best e-liquid option for those that want to experience the sensation of a summer day. It has an extremely smooth ejuice flavor, making this the best candidate for a quick vape in the middle of a stressful day. Offering a relaxing fruity flavor, you can boost its taste according to your preferences. If the sweetness of this raspberry flavor is not enough for you, a stronger blend can always be arranged for, which will easily help you relax no matter the time of the day. This is one of the best eliquid flavors particularly because of this, and since this is a berry flavor, it can always be mixed with other fruit e-liquid flavors for an incredibly fruity flavor. It is a perfectly delicious ejuice on its own as well.

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Apple Pie

The apple pie ejuice flavor tastes exactly like the classic dessert itself, with a buttery crust and incredibly sweet apples as well as a small hint of cinnamon. The scent of freshly baked apple pie wafts through the air, making it mouth-watering and irresistible. Vaping this delicious dessert is no different; it just adds an interesting twist to this dessert’s classic taste, making this ejuice flavor unique. This e-liquid is for anyone who enjoys the delicious taste of spice mixed with cooked apples, easily putting this among the ranks of the best flavors. A combination of other creamy ejuice flavors along with the apple pie would also be an excellent idea if you want to try something different.

Butter Pecan

This e-liquid has a deliciously nutty and rich flavor, something that is a total must-have for all nut lovers out there. Many people have also said that the taste is similar to pecan pie, so if you like pecan pie and also happen to be a nut enthusiast, this might just be the best flavor for you! Decadent and sweet, butter pecan is a delicious ejuice flavor on its own, however, you might want to enhance it even further, and so, you have the option of purchasing a stronger version to suit your preferences. No matter what, its taste will be sure to make you fall in love.

Cinnamon Roll

If you miss the taste of your grandmother’s cooking, this ejuice flavor might just make you nostalgic. This sugary sweet ejuice flavor mixed with the taste of spicy cinnamon is best for anyone that has a sweet tooth. This ejuice flavor will surely impress you, and you will also be able to vape it all day long. This warm and sweet flavor is recommended to all that love the taste of their grandmother’s kitchen. Customize it to match your taste and you will not be disappointed by this amazing flavor, as this is one of the best e liquid flavors out there.


Honey Nut Cereal

Having cereal for breakfast gives you the energy to last throughout the day, and the exact taste and flavor of your favorite honey nut cereal has been captured in this e-liquid flavor. The taste is unique, and the way the flavor hits your taste buds is what makes this flavor a treat. This is best for that cereal lover who loves the taste of nuts, honey, and oats. Eat your cereal every morning and vape this e-liquid that mimics the flavors of your favorite cereal if you want to experiment and try something different. You will be surprised at how accurate the flavors are, as you inhale the delicious, mildly sweet honey flavor and exhale the oats and nut flavor.

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Icy Menthol

If you’re looking for a vapor that is refreshing and has an icy blast of menthol, then the name of this e-liquid vapor speaks for itself. The flavor is satisfyingly minty and smooth for anyone that cannot get enough of their mint. This is exactly what the best menthol flavor tastes like, and you will savor its taste every time. Additionally, this menthol vapor is coupled with a chilling arctic rush, something that sets it aside from the ordinary menthol flavor. Be prepared to have your nose and throat invaded by this chilling flavor, as it will hit you hard, but you will also be able to experience the perfectly smooth and full taste that it contains, making it one of the best ejuice favors ever.

Menthol Crush

This extremely refreshing flavor is as satisfying as swimming in a mountain stream which is frozen. It has an extremely bold flavor, so be ready to be shocked. However, despite its boldness, it is not overpowering and is perfect to quickly cleanse your palate right after a good meal. You can also pair it up with other flavors, and there is nothing that will not enhance the flavor of this delicious iciness. This is an absolutely delightful blend, something that you will not regret having bought. Additionally, this flavor can be easily personalized however you want to suit your taste.


Tobacco Lite

For those that love tobacco, this is a dream come true, as the essence of smooth and silky, non-menthol light cigarettes are captured perfectly. It emulates the rich flavor of your light cigarettes accurately, and has a crisp and clean flavor without the tobacco’s full-flavored heavy undertones. This is the best replacement for your favorite light cigarette. For those that want to try quitting cigarettes, this might be the solution. You can easily personalize it to suit your taste however you want to, so don’t hesitate to experiment with the flavor and strength level and try it out. It hardly comes as a surprise that this is one of our best flavors.

Tobacco Red

There are times when you might crave for the taste of tobacco minus the actual tobacco, and this is best for those moments. If you’re looking for the taste of your favorite full strength cigarettes minus the tobacco, this is the flavor for you. It is full flavored, rich, and deep bodied, as well as being smooth and strong all at the same time. This marvelous flavor does not contain any chemical aftertastes or sweetness that might ruin your experience of vaping, and instead, is the best replacement for that full flavored, fine cigarette that you might have been searching for. This traditional flavor can easily be customized according to your taste, so don’t be shy and try one of our best eliquid flavors.

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